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The base station is what sends the signal that you need help to authorities. Security cameras $99/each. The HD camera captures both audio and HD video. Includes free intruder and motion alerts. Watch a live feed on your phone for free. Entry sensors $14. 99 each. Have a fear about a burglar climbing up a window into your bedroom?Robbers are, in fact, more likely to waltz in right through the front door. Windows on the first floor are also a popular target. SimpliSafe systems use door and window mounted sensors so that you always know when someone's coming or going. Motion sensors $29.

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I agree, but do your homework to go through corporate for your systems. Dealers are horrible and not just for security. May 2014 – Installed the Response SL1 SL2 has keypad and I did not want fussy keypad SL1 has a fob controller wit just 4 buttons so no messing with remembering numbers. Do not believe all the doom and gloom from companies selling mains powered fitted and monitored alarms saying wireless are not reliable or hard to fit. This one is easy and reliable. After looking at the guide and dvd – takes about a half day to fit – but easy. Comes with siren, key fob, one room PIR sensor and 2 door sensors so suitable for a small/med sized home. All batteries included. Works off solar but is robust. Rechargeable Battery for siren last 5 years for solar panel on siren recharges it. Smaller ord.